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Tebiti develops wireless sensor network system for use in chili fertigation farming. The objective is to increase the yield and reducing cost. The system is utilising  2.4GHz zigbee based wireless soil moisture monitoring and Precision Agro Control System to more accurately predict and apply irrigation water in farm operations. The plants are grown in containers using soilless substrate coconut peat. These substrates do not retain a lot of water. Being containerized, these plants also have much smaller root systems than field-grown plants. These plants need frequent irrigation to optimize growth rates, plant quality and increase yield.

The goal is to provide growers with the ability to precisely monitor and control applications of water in these production settings, based upon plant requirements and to increase the yield. –For further info

Abd Rashid Munir

Holder of Master of Electronic Systems from University of Wales, UK. Have over 25 years experience in various electronics engineering position in MOTOROLA Semiconductor and currently as CEO of IC Microsystems Sdn Bhd.  In the past 5 years he has involved in various project for smart-precision-agriculture especially in the development of full IoT for plant-fertigation systems.

Mohd Hanafi Munir

Holder of Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Strathclyde University of Glasgow, UK. Have more than 20 years engineering positions with Siemens Semiconductor and then in various projects for advanced food processing and currently in project for fertigation-based agriculture. He is now implementing a larger scale chili fertigation project.